Heavenly Challah

Heavenly Challah

Growing up, I had a lot of challah. Homemade challah, bakery challah – lots of challah. There was a little bakery in my hometown, long since gone (sadly), that made challah loaves in so many varieties. Cinnamon sugar, poppy seed, sesame seed, cinnamon raisin – YUM. But, my favorite challah were the ones I made at home with my Mom. We didn’t make it often, but it was always made for special holidays and on occasion, when she had time to spare (three kids plus a full time job = not a lot of baking time!), for the Sabbath.

She passed a very simple recipe to me that only requires few ingredients, a little patience and some light kneading. I’m tempted to share it – because it’s that good. I’m going to mull that over because some family recipes are really special and I’d like to keep them to myself. That said, if you are dying to give it a try – shoot me a PM via the ‘contact me’ tab and I’ll share!

2 thoughts on “Heavenly Challah

  1. Impressive! I’ve found a “very” easy way to make braided bread, which I’ve shared (my current post) 🙂 – but I don’t blame you for keeping yours to yourself. I’ve reached the stage, though, where I’m anxious to document family favorites so as to hand them down. It’s your/my legacy!


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