High Heel / Stiletto Cupcakes

I Do Stiletto Cupcake Stiletto Cupcakes

I had admired others as they made high heel (aka stiletto) cupcakes for a long time. I finally got up the guts (and found the perfect occasion when a fashion-forward friend of mine celebrated her birthday AND engagement) to try myself. I had never made them before…and I haven’t made them since (not for lack of wanting, but simply lack of time and the right occasion). It’s very labor intensive and I think only time and lots of practice can make this an easy cupcake to make.

The heels are Pepperidge Farm Milanos coated in melted white chocolate. You can’t see it, but I coated the back of the Milanos with red melting chocolate (because these weren’t any stilettos…they were LOUBOUTIN…obvi). Each heel was a Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes (you shouldn’t pre-cut them because the height might be off – I cut mine to size after I figured out how high it needed to be for each cupcake).

After that, the decorating choices are really up to you! I tried rolling them in sugar, piping designs (like the cheetah print – my fave). It was fun, but it wasn’t a walk in the park to make them! It took a lot of time and I made a lot of mistakes! But it was totally worth it in the end. So cute!

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