MY Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t anything I made. This is MY wedding cake.

Because my blog is all about making baking pretty…I had to share just about the prettiest piece of baked art that I’ve ever come across. Of course, I’m biased because this was made for justย about the most special day of my life, but look at that and tell me that it isn’t gorgeous?

I was adamant that my wedding cake not be covered in fondant (I don’t use fondant myself, I’m just not a fan of its taste or texture), but I wanted the smooth finish that you usually only find with fondant. Queue the most incredible baker I’ve ever met: Deniseย (Wright) Fox.

If you are in the New Hampshire (or even Vermont or Massachusetts) areas…please visit Denise for your potential special occasion cakes. You can visit her website here:ย

She made all of the sugar roses by hand, dusting just the edges in gold. She even made our apple themed cake topper (my husband and I were married at an orchard). I can’t say enough good things. Not only was the cake beautiful to look at, but it was the best cake I’ve ever eaten. The four layers were lemon filled with lemon mousse (I blogged earlier – I don’t care what time of year it is…I’m eating citrus flavored cake), pumpkin spice with apple compote, Black Forest and Irish Creme.

It was so good that my husband and I ate our cake topper the day after our wedding. It was too good to freeze!

2 thoughts on “MY Wedding Cake

    • Oh absolutely – I would love to try and make wedding cakes / cupcakes. I’ve looked into taking some classes for the cakes and think I will move in that direction sooner rather than later. Making the cake for someone’s special day though…I want it to be perfect so I need to hone my skills!

      I can make wedding cupcakes NO PROB! Would love to do that for someone.


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