Bavarian Forest Bundt Cake

Bavarian Forest Bundt Cake

During the holidays, nothing screams ‘festive’ like a good old fashioned bundt cake. When I was wondering around the mall Christmas shopping with my husband, I noticed that the William-Sonoma was going out of business (thankfully not the entire company, just this particular location). As such, they were having a 25% off sale and I couldn’t say no. Under the guise of purchasing new kitchen accouterments for my Mom (who is notably redoing her kitchen right now), we wandered in. Yes, Mom got some great new stuff for Christmas, but so did I! One of the things I grabbed was this adorable Bavarian ForestΒ bundt pan. I couldn’t wait to find an occasion to try it out.

This was my first attempt – I need to remember to tap the pan on the counter a few extra times to allow the batter to settle inside. I also should have used a little less batter as overfilling caused it to come out a little lopsided.

I made a quick chocolate ganache, drizzled that over the top and than used powdered sugar to create a pretty snow scene.

For an easy to make Devil’s Food Cake like I made, check out:

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