A tall, cool sip of Lemonade (Cupcakes)


Lemon Burst

Probably one of my favorite to bake and favorite to eat cupcakes is my Lemon Burst cake. It’s just lemon on top of lemon on top of lemon…just how I like it. It’s pretty easy to find lemon cake recipes online, so take your pick. And whether you make lemon curd from scratch or from one of those boxed mixes at the store – either way, it tastes great. Just cool the cupcakes, core out the middle, fill with curd and then top with this amazing lemon cream cheese frosting:Β http://allrecipes.com/recipe/lemon-cream-cheese-frosting/

Hint: I found that 4 cups of the confectioners sugar is more than enough. When I was through with the fourth cup, the frosting was so dense that I had to knead the piping bag to get the frosting warmed up enough to pipe properly…so 5 cups might be overkill.

I gave this version of the cupcake (pictured above) a little sugar rim and a straw for easy sipping. Cheers!

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  1. Randy Reynolds says:

    Yummy! Your cupcakes are delicious. Like your new website too. Keep up the good work.

  2. LOIS says:

    My favorite! It’s my birthday in a few weeks. You know what to do.

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